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PVD coated stainless steel sheets and products bring a new standard of elegance and durability.
DuraTeck decorative stainless steel sheets allow you to expand your creativity and usher in a new generation of designs for commercial and architectural applications.
DuraTeck stainless steel sheets are produced by a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process developed through NCT's unique, very own technologies. The sheets are placed in a chamber where metals such as Titanium or Zirconium are vaporized from a solid source (cathode) by means of an electric arc to form a plasma vapor. The resulting highly charged, metal ions from the plasma are then mixed with inert gas such as nitrogen. The positively charged plasma is attracted to the negatively charged stainless steel sheets producing a thin, hard, colored metallic film on the sheets.

Unlike electroplating and other existing coatings, colored DuraTeck stainless steel sheets are durable and have a luxurious appearance, which lasts for years.

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