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Can DuraTeck sheets be bent, drawn or embossed without the coating peeling or flaking?
Yes, DuraTeck can be bent greater than 90 degrees without peeling or flaking. The PVD coated sheets can also be drawn or embossed (within limits based on the application) without peeling or flaking.
Can DuraTeck be welded?
DuraTeck can be spot welded and laser welded. However the heat from arc or gas welding will discolor the coating. DuraTeck can be soft soldered or low temperature brazed (approximately 600 degrees) without affecting the color.
How do I clean DuraTeck?
DuraTeck may be cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner such as Windex. Soap and water may also be used. Abrasive cleaners such as Comet or polishing compounds can mar the fine PVD finish.
How do I prevent scratching the surface during manufacturing?
Each sheet of DuraTeck is covered on the coated side with two layers of 3 mil low adhesion PVC film. This protects the sheet from damage during bending, forming, cutting and handling.
What is the maximum temperature DuraTeck can be exposed to continuously?
DuraTeck sheets can be exposed to 700 degrees F without changing color. Exposure to higher temperatures tends to darken the color. The degree of darkening will vary depending on temperature variations across the stainless steel.
Can I use DuraTeck sheets in high pedestrian traffic areas such as elevators and escalators?
The PVD coating is very hard and resists scratching and marring caused by normal use. However, sharp tools can gouge through the PVD coating. NCT recommends the use of any one of its standard etched designs that are designed to reduce the appearance of dents and scratches.
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