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"21st Century look and performance using the latest PVD technology"

Lifetime Finish

DuraTeck products, coated by National Coating Technology's unique PVD processes are the result of research and development that has roots stemming from its core tool coating business. National Coating Technology was the first to introduce decorative PVD coated stainless steel sheets for commercial and consumer products in 1995.

DuraTeck's unique products combine the deep luxurious look of brass, bronze, satin nickel, satin black and more with maintenance-free reliability. The benefits of this combination are a durable sophisticated look that will last for years without tarnishing or fading!

  • Will not tarnish, oxidize, or discolor in harsh sun, salt, humidity and city
  • Easy maintenance, keep clean with a soft cloth and window cleaner
  • Impervious to extended exposure to UV light with no flaking, cracking or discoloration.
  • Available in a wide range of colors, surface patterns and finishes.


DuraTeck Stainless Steel Sheets
"DuraTeck finish brings a new standard of elegance to the durability of your products"
  • 304/316 stainless steel sheets - Other series stainless steel available
  • Standard sizes: 4ft x 10ft and 4ft x 8ft - Can be cut to specified length
  • Thickness range 12 Ga. - 24 Ga.
Finish & Color
  • Finishes: Mirror (#8 non-directional polished) - Long Grain (brushed) - #4 (Satin) - Etched (standard and custom patterns) - Textured
  • Colors: Brass, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Satin Nickel, Smoke Gray, Black
See applications and photo gallery for details.


Kick Plates

  • Material - PVD coated 304 stainless steel
  • Thickness - 20 Ga. , 0.035"
  • Hardware - Mounting screws included
  • Size - 8" x 34", 6"x 34", Any size to fit your requirements.
Colors & Finishes

Mirror Brass

Satin Bronze

Satin Black

Satin Nickel






Push / Pull Plates and Handles
  • Material - PVD coated 304 stainless steel
  • Thickness - 18 Ga. , 0.047
  • Hardware - Mounting screws included
  • Size - 3 1/2"x15" (Std.) or any size required
  • Colors and Finishes - Same as Kick Plates above, Mirror Brass, Satin Black, Satin Bronze & Satin Nickel
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